Transportation from mco-universal

Hi Everyone. Seasoned WDW traveller here planning my first trip to Universal. Normally we use Disneys free shuttle from the airport but it seems Universal doesnt offer this. Can you recommend the best/cheapest transportation for 2 people that would offer the following

1-Pick up late, our flight lands at approx 11 PM
2-Quick stop at local 24 hr Walmart to pick up an order that we will place in advance of essential snacks (trying to see if that is even possible)

It looks liker Uber and Lyft are now options? I also see that there may be tolls along the way, is that correct?


Can’t speak to Orlando, but I don’t believe you can pick up an order at Walmart late at night. At least not the Walmart’s around my home. Some have 8 pm/10 pm cutoffs.

My thought is that you should just Lyft/Uber to a Walmart, do your shopping, and call for another ride as you are checking out.

I’ve taken an Uber before as well as a taxi. I don’t recall there being a toll. The Uber was for a late flight as well.

I would also Uber/Lyft, and order a second after you do your shopping. I have used Happy Limo before with a larger crowd that we wanted to keep together…and we did a quick stop that trip. But if smaller crew, should be cheaper to do the uber/lyft in a normal car.

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