Transportation from Kissimmee to TTC?

Hi all - our family will start our vacation in Kissimmee for the World Food Championship, then move to Disney property on Nov. 8. Chances are good we won’t have access to a car on Sunday.

Does anyone have any transportation recommendations to get from the hotel in Kissimmee to either our hotel (Coronado Springs) or to a Park to then use Disney transportation to get to our hotel?

It’s me, my DH, and 2 young DD. I’ve never used Uber, and we’d rather not rent a car for 5 hours. We’ll use Magic Express to return to the airport.

I looked at Mears and the goLynx (public transportation) but would love any recommendations or advice. Thanks!

Does the hotel have a shuttle? I’d just get a taxi to be honest. Uber is supposed to be a lot cheaper but I’ve never used it.

I would use Uber or a cab to be honest. The easiest way to move your bags.

I know Lynx goes to the TTC in Disney, if you used that then you can catch a resort bus.

Thanks - alas no shuttle. Thinking a cab might just be the best, most direct way. Thanks!