Transportation from Jambo House

Staying at Jambo next week. Park days are Monday 11/2 AK, Tuesday 11/3 MK Wednesday 11/4 HS, Thursday MK 11/5 or EPCOT (not sure if we are going to do MK two days)

Wondering what transportation is best, we will have. car and what time to leave the resort.

Also, any advice/recommendation on rearranging the park days appreciated. Celebrating my sons 9th birthday and we are so excited.

We just stayed at Jambo. If you’re taking the bus, it picks up at Jambo before going to Kidani. We didn’t have a car so can’t speak to that. Have fun!

That’s great news! We have a party of 7 so I was a bit worried about getting us all on if we took the bus.

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