Transportation From Disney Springs To Disney Resorts Questions

I’m staying in a Disney Springs area hotel (Doubletree Suites). On some days, I would like to have brunch at a Disney resort and then make my way to one of the parks. I understand that buses do not run from DS to the parks. However, I think they do run to the resorts.

Is it possible to take a bus from DS to one of the resorts in the morning, and then make my way to a park? For example, can I take a bus DS to Riviera in the morning, have breakfast, and then ride the Skyliner to Epcot?

If so, what time do the buses begin to run from DS to the resorts? I have looked for timetables online, but can’t seem to find them.

why do you think they do not have a disney park shuttle?? I have never stayed there, but I looked at their website and I think they do… they are one of the Official Disney Hotels where you get 60 day fp option right??

I suppose I was not clear. I want to have brunch at various Disney resorts, prior to visiting a park for the day. My hotel is close to Disney Springs. My hotel provides park shuttles, but I am trying to reach Disney resorts prior to visiting a park. I am wondering if Disney provides free bus transportation from Disney Springs to its various resorts beginning at a time early enough to arrive at a resort by 10:00 am for brunch.

Disney does indeed have have bus service from DS to the various resorts. The problem you may have however is that DS generally does not open until 10 AM. I’m not sure how much before then a bus would depart for one of the resorts. You may be cutting it close to make a 10 AM brunch, but it may be possible. Once at the resort however, you are free to use whatever transportation is available for the park of your choice.

See “Getting to Disney Springs”

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It looks like buses start from the resorts to Disney springs around 9:15 so you might be able to catch one that just dropped off if they are picking up to the resort. I would bite the bullet and Uber.

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As always, the advice here is spot on. Uber to the resort for brunch it is. I will make my way to the parks from the resorts after brunch!

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