Transportation from AK to Sanaa

Is it easy enough to take Disney transport at the end of the day in Animal Kingdom from that part to Kidani and the Sanaa restaurant (a 6:45pm reservation on a Saturday night late Feb). OR is it better to get an Uber from that park to our dining reservation? Also, if we’re on the dining plan, would the server allow us to use one credit toward the bread service instead of paying out of pocket?

Yes, you can take a bus from AK to AKL, there are two stops, I believe Kidani is first. You might, however, want to take Uber back if you are staying at a different resort. Going from resort to resort requires you to transfer somewhere. I can’t give any help on the dining plan though, sorry. Enjoy Sanna, one of my favorites!

The bread service is an appetizer so unless you have the deluxe dining plan you will have to pay out of pocket (it is covered with deluxe). I would pay for the bread service and use one credit to split an entree and dessert.

It is very easy to bus from AK but as @Karilynn said you will have to go to an open park and then transfer to your resort after dinner, so Uber is a great idea then.

Thanks to both of you! We’ll bus to the restaurant and then uber back to POR! Yes, I know the bread service is an appetizer, but thought maybe they’d let us do it as a main (however I know that the dining plan rules say no substitutions like that). We’ll pay out of pocket.