Transportation for the Garrett’s


We’ll be in WDW for the first time 10/6-10/14. Staying at Pop Century. We plan to use busses, but I have a couple of transportation points I’m worried about:

  • our flight gets in at 1:18 and we are using Magical Express. Is 4:30 too early to Expect to walk into Epcot?
  • Epcot Illuminations. Should we plan on using Lyft to get back? I’ve heard the crowds are pretty crazy.
  • MNSSHP. We’ll be MK at 10 am on party day and will also be attending that night. We plan on being flexible on whether we leave the park to put on our costumes/rest or just push through. My DH and DS (16) are night owls. If we leave around 6, should we use a Lyft to get back to Pop and then back to MK?
  • AK Should we plan on Lyft for after ROL?

We’ve never used Uber or Lyft. Seems pretty straightforward. We don’t mind waiting a bit, but probably want to avoid 1 hour waits for a bus.

Thank you!

Also, how early do I need to call for Lyft before I need it on a busy day?

I would expect that you could get to Epcot in that amount of time but I wouldn’t schedule anything (FPP or ADR) for at least another hour b/c flight delays happen, buses sometimes stop at 3 or 4 resorts and you are last, etc.

Lyft is super easy. You can preschedule the night before if you know exact times or you can request at the time you want, which is what I’ve always done. I have never used Lyft after fireworks so I don’t know about waits then, but other times, the wait was 5-8 minutes. They are always around and know where their business is.

Note that you can’t get Lyft from MK, you have to walk to Contemp, monorail to another resort, or get at TTC. They can’t pick up where resort buses let you off, but my understanding is that the Minnie Vans can.

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I’m a part time Uber driver, but not in the Orlando market. . Normally expect to have a 5-10 minute wait. In cases like leaving Illuminations expect a longer wait and possibly a cost of 2-3X the base cost due to cost surges. If you are really concerned with getting a ride at a specific time you can schedule a ride the night before. the drive could arrive up to 15 minutes early, In that case if you are not ready when they arrive the may cancel the ride after they have been there 5 minutes, you will get charge $5 and need to schedule a new ride and will have to wait. Drivers in the Orlando market are paid a very low rate, consider tipping well.

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Thank you! That’s good info on TCC too. I think I’d heard that before but hadn’t planned on using them at the time and promptly forgot.

Thank you! We’re pretry good tippers. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think you are fine to get to Epcot by 4:30, but anything on flight day can be a little iffy just because you don’t know about flight delays
I have stayed at Pop my last 2 trips & will be staying there again in Sept. I have never used anything other than the bus.
The crowds are high at the end of the night but there are a lot of buses - I think we maybe waited 15 - 20 minutes from when we got in line at Epcot. It was less than that at AK.
Also surge pricing for Uber of Lyft after the evening shows can change a $20 ride into a $50 or more. That can add up very fast.
For the party you don’t want to leave at 6. If you are going to take a brake do it at 2 or 3. Personally, I am going to RD (8am EMH) then leave around noon & get back by 4. Gets me out of the worst heat - it is still usually hot in October - then I can keep going until midnight :slight_smile:
Party tickets allow people into the park at 4PM. MK closes to regular guest at 6PM, however people going to the party stay. Some of the characters start meeting before the party starts & you can go on the rides during that ‘closed’ hour also.
Disney knows that they will have a need of more buses running to the MK for the party and they do plan accordingly.

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Beyond the wait for the buses, it should be noted the buses will be very crowded so it would be typical to be standing. Depending on your group, that may work the Lyft option a little more worth it. When you go to price the ride you should see the surge pricing then so you can at least be aware prior to ordering and get shocked by a surge pricing after committing to the ride…

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Thank you! I was hoping so. We much prefer to just use busses. I’m hoping we won’t need a break, but I’m glad you mentioned taking the break at 2-3. I didn’t see the forest for the trees there. That sounds like I much better idea!

I really want to be in the park again by 6. We’re keeping the costumes pretty simple too, so they won’t take long to throw on.

Thanks! Yep. I’d heard that and we’re all able bodied and DS is 16, so we should be good. Thank you!

I am so excited for the MNSSHP :slight_smile: I am making my costume and I think it is going to be great - but ultimately it is a t-shirt, a skirt with capri’s and a headband.
Once I actually get it done I will post it


Me too! I’m doing Princess Leia on Endor. I got a stuffed Ewok to put on my back and my friend is sewing the poncho. I know it’ll be hotter than a t-shift, but it has big sleeves and I’m not doing the helmet.

My DH and DS haven’t decided yet. They probably won’t until the weekend before. DS is 16, so he’s on the fence.

Dressing up is part of the fun :slight_smile: & it it is Disney, so completely acceptable!
I am going to be the Queen of Hearts! She is one of the characters at the party so that is going to be a fun meet!

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I’m looking forward to the pictures!