Transportation - EP to HS hop

I’m working on my touring plans and have a day where we spend most of the day at EP and then hop to HS for the Osborne lights and a couple FP+. Staying at POFQ and want to be at EP for RD. Obviously I could rely on Disney buses from POFQ and avoid this, but if I drive and park at EP, then walk/boat to HS, how would I get back from HS to my car at EP at 10:00pm-ish when EP has already closed at 9:30?

I think I answered my own question (“take the bus!”) but I still thought I’d ask in case there are other ideas. I just hate having my timeline for arriving being based on the bus schedule more than my own.

Why would you not drive to HS if you have your car? it does not seem as if the walk/ boat would be worth the worry. I think you should either drive to all parks or take Disney transportation for the day.

Agreed. I’d just drive.

I see what you’re saying. If you park and Epcot, and leave your car there, it will be tough to get back to it if you end the evening at HS. If you park at Epcot and plan to just do Future World, then you can go out to your car when finished and drive over to HS like @PrincipalTinker suggests. However, if you plan to end your time at EP in World Showcase, then you’ll have to walk all the way back to your car to do this short drive. Leaving through the International Gateway and walking over to HS might be a time saver if you are at the far World Showcase end of the park when you’re ready to leave Epcot. It might be worth estimating your expected travel time for both scenarios (walking, driving, bus time, etc.) so you can compare. It will probably come out equal, but the extra time will be during different parts of the day. If you drive, the move from EP to HS will take time and effort, and that will be in the afternoon. If you do the buses, then the time and effort spent will be at the beginning and end of the day. I don’t think there’s a wrong choice. They’re just different.

I often drive to HS in the afternoon. Driving there and parking is easy peasy and will be a lot less hassle than trying to get back to EP to get your car.

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If it were me, I’d definitely just take the bus. In fact, we have that same day planned for a Saturday in December… 5:00pm CP after the day at EP and then boat to DHS for the lights :smile:

If you really want to drive, then I agree with the others above that you should drive to EP then drive to DHS from there.

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Thanks, everybody. I may try to get a handle on the bus situation a day or two before and see if I’m comfortable. I think the bus would be easier since I will be in WS right before the hop. I think I’ll get backlash if I walk from WS to the EP parking lot when it is probably not much further just to walk to the gate at HS at that point!

True. But, you’ll save yourself time on the DHS end. You could always work your plan like this: FW attractions, WS (Food and Wine), few more attractions in FW, exit to your car, drive DHS, and- once you leave DHS- your car will be waiting. After a long day, the last thing I’d want to do is mess with long-ish transport from DHS to EP to pick up the car. Otherwise, may be best to leave your car back at the resort and do buses all the way. But, why not use the car?? Anyway, it’s hard to not walk many, many miles in the parks so adding a little more (really not much in the scheme of things) to get your car would be worth it(again, esp after a long day when you’ll want to get back to your resort and rest up for another day) in my opinion. Of course, if you had a breakfast ADR at a Boardwalk resort…

Buses are so convenient and being able to just boat over to HS. Leave yourself extra time in the AM.

Completely crazy idea: if it is not EMH you could park at HS, walk to EP and your car would be at HS at end of the night.


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Oh, perfect! That idea didn’t occur to me at all, which is why I’m glad I asked it here. It is indeed genius. Thank you!!

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