Transportation DS Hotel to MK - WWYD?

Alright, picture it:

Two experienced WDW travelers and long time theme park goers - both adults. Staying at the Wyndham Garden Inn at DS. Planning to RD at MK. We are pretty hard core RD-ers WWYD?

  1. Uber to TTC and wait for the ferry or monorail.
  2. Uber to TTC really early and walk from TTC to MK via the Poly, GF, MK path
  3. Walk to Sarasota Springs early and take the first bus from there, therefore skipping the TTC (if you would do this, do you happen to know the bus stop order at SSR so that we don’t get blocked off the first bus when trying to pickup at the last stop?)
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When is your trip? The walking path from GF to MK is currently closed. You also have to leave the Poly, cross the street, and then cross back to the GF. I love walking but not under the current conditions even if thebGF to MK path opens.

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1 or 3 to save footsteps. Bus stops are Grandstand, Carousel, Paddock, Congress Park, then the main building area I can’t remember the name of.


First week of April. Any opening date info?

I would rideshare to TTC and monorail or ferry right over


I don’t think there’s been any communication around when the path will reopen, but even if the GF-MK portion reopens soon the Poly-GF portion will not be back to normal for quite a while yet due to PolyTower construction, and that portion is right now first of all not magical and second of all questionable in terms of safety. Would not recommend.

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I would totally walk to SS. IIRC, I used the Congress Park stop because it was closest. Not that I RDed or anything of the sort. And I was in an ECV.

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I think my concern for OP around that option - which is 100% fabulous at any other time - is the RD factor.

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You are correct. I have no clue what the bus is like that early.

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Assuming concern is that the bus would be pretty packed - yes? That’s my concern too. I think I would definitely hoof it to whatever the first stop on the SSR loop is.

We never had any issues with the SSR buses when we stayed on Congress Park. Even if you can’t get the first one, you’ll have no trouble RD’ing. Assuming your hotel grants on site ETPE privileges, even if you aren’t at the very front of the pack, you should be reasonably close to it.

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Bus just a little less predictable I think