Transportation (Disney Springs) Question


CM told me I can take a bus directly from DS to AK (around 6:00 PM). Is this correct? Looking for fastest way to get from DS to AK in the early evening. Thanks!


I thought DS buses only went to resorts, but I may be wrong.


One thing that can be done as far as I know is to take a Bus from DS to AKL and then bus from AKL to AK. But this will take forever. I would recommend Taxi.


You can take a bus directly from AK to DS after 4:00 but you cannot take a bus from DS to any park at any time of the day. What CM said that? The call center?


Yes. I didn’t think that was correct based on what I read in the Unofficial Guide. She also told me I can choose FP’s anytime after the parks close (after midnight) on my 60th day (for me 4/22). I thought the window won’t open until 7:00 AM, right?


You are correct! The CM is wrong.


Based on your experience, given that I have to take a bus to AKL and transfer to AK, how much time would you allow (at 6:00PM, 6/27) before booking a FP at AKL?


That is a long ride! If you are planning on being at the AKL bus stop at 6/00 I would not start my FP window until 7:00 or 7:15.


I would guess it would take somewhere between an hour to 1.5 hours. But a Taxi should only take about 15 minutes or so.


Here is a website that is pretty accurate:


Be careful with that website! It has not been updated and does not list the direct from park to DS option or the latest water park transportation issues among other things!


It looks like your best bet would be to take a boat to Saratoga Springs, and then take a bus from there. That should take about an hour.


Good to know.


Knowing that FPPs reseve a 60 minute window (plus a 15 min grace period), I would probably make my first one for 7:00. I would probably even go for 6:30, if that was all that was available…

But to answer the basic question, a cab or Uber would definitely be the fastest was to get there…


Thanks everyone!


If you decide to use Uber, this info may be helpful to you: