Transportation cheat sheet

Is there a transportation cheat sheet?

Not that I know of. Is there somewhere you want to plan to go? I love thinking about the options!

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Not sure if this is what you’re looking for - but WDW prep has a nice transportation resource where you can select your starting and ending point


I’ve always used the Our Laughing Place one:

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I like to give a warning about Our Laughing Place. It has not Ben updated. I used to use it but it still has Richard Petty listed and the water park directions are wrong. Oh, I guess most DS directions too?

OLP website has not been updated, but they have an app that is kept current. The feedback I’ve seen say the app is accurate.

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I still think we are much more creative in our transportation plans than any app! :wink:


We’re deciding between POFQ and BC for our Oct trip.
We will go to HS 1x and all other parks 2x + MK MNSSHP 1x. We will likely go to DS 2x at least, maybe more. DS could mean park at RD, back to swim/rest, DS for dinner and then park for a ride or 2 and then evening fireworks. I still need to refine this a bit.

BC is so convenient for HS and EP since you can walk to both but POFQ is so convenient for DS!

@PrincipalTinker and @llondra,
Helpful to know. Thank you.

The Transportation Map referenced at WDW Prep can be purchased (higher resolution) from ETSY and put on a Tablet to carry around with you during your trip.