Transportation, bars/lounges

Good morning!

I have not been back since COVID and have some questions about current operations for those who have been lately.

This is a 4 adults trip staying at Copper Creek villas Nov 5-10 (should have been running Wine and Dine :sob:)

What is the current situation with resort bars/lounges that are open? For example, can I take the bus/monorail/skyliner to another resort to go to the bar for a drink?

Second- transportation. I understand getting back from resort to resort is difficult. I’m assuming uber will be our best bet if we decide to have dinner at a resort and stay for a drink or 2. Is it difficult to get an Uber around 9 or 10pm from resort to resort?

Any tips for transportation to any of these reservations from Copper Creek?

Fri: Hollywood Studios, Dinner reservation at Topolinos (will probably go back to room to change- uber? Or go back to HS and take Skyliner?)

Sat: 18 holes at Magnolia (are resorts still providing transportation to golf?) MK (assuming boat), dinner reservation at Ale & Compass

Sun: 9 holes at Lake Buena Vista, Epcot

Mon: Animal Kingdom, dinner at Sanaa (best to go straight to dinner from Ak to Sanaa? Uber back?)

Thanks to anyone who can give me advice! We will also have our own car, but will probably all be drinking so I am trying to avoid driving ourselves!

I have not been lately, but IMHO the beauty of eating at Topolino’s from HS is that you can Skyliner directly over there. Unless you have a lot of time between finishing at HS and you dinner reservation, I would just suck it up and go straight over there and Uber home. I wouldn’t go back to HS just to Skyline to Riviera. If you want to ride the Skyliner, I suggest that after dinner, you take it from Riviera to Epcot to experience it, depending on how late your ADR is. You can call the Uber from BC if you want or ride it back to Riviera.

I understand wanting to change for a nice dinner. We almost always will go back to the resort and change for dinner but we are rarely in the parks past mid afternoon, and we usually have late ADR’s. Also, if you have a rental car, why would you not want to drive to play golf?

Thanks :slight_smile: I thought about going straight from HS to Riviera, but I just don’t see us staying there until dinner time.

For golf- we will actually have our own car since we are driving down, but not everyone is golfing. Last time we golfed, they transported our clubs to the next golf course for us so we didn’t have to take them and keep them in the room, which is really nice. Not sure if they’re still doing that with COVID. But the golfers could probably just drive themselves on the golf days.