Transportation and "Rope Drop"

Okay, my trip is getting close. March 13-21: it will be busy. Staying at Shades of Green. No car, but willing to use Lyft/Uber whenever necessary and more convenient.
I have read and read on DIS boards and it’s honestly all over the place what people recommend, which I guess matches the times. I would love any advice/help with my plans, specifically how to get into the parks before official “opening”. Here is my current plan:
March 13: MK
Have Uber driver drop us close to walkway to MK, near Contemporary (not sure where this is, hoping to get help with this)

March 14: AK
Planning either on Shades bus or we can walk to Poly and take their bus…any ideas which one would be there earlier? They both are “scheduled” to leave 45 min. to park opening.

March 15: MK
Going in a bit later this day so we will take resort bus in

March 16: HS
Uber to Speedway station and walk from there.

March 17: HS
Take resort transport unless we missed Boarding group, etc. or other rides. Have a Savi reservation for 10:30am.

March 18: Epcot
No plan yet.
Options: Can take shades bus, which leave only 30 min. prior to opening.
Take Uber directly there, and leave an hour early and wait to be let in
Go to Poly and take their bus
Uber to Swan and walk

I would love any tips/help you guys can offer. Thank you!

I don’t know this but if SoG gets to participate in EMH (which hasn’t resumed) will the busses at SoG run earlier too? That would help. It’s been awhile since I’ve stayed at SoG

Yes, they have always participated in the past with extra magic hours, etc. so I would think they would adjust their bus schedule accordingly.

TY… and edited my earlier post so it will make sense :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Does the Shades of Green Bus to MK actually go to MK entrance or just to TTC? It has been awhile since I have stayed there but looked into recently and thought I read it dropped off at TTC. That might change your 2nd MK day plan.

When we stayed at Shades we always walked to Poly and took the transportation from there or drove since we had a car since the Shades buses are not as frequent.

With the opening of the walking path from Grand Floridian (and Poly) to MK I suppose you could walk to MK prior to RD and skip the Uber your first day. People have been reporting between 20-30min walk from Poly to MK so add 5-10 minutes from Shades.

For MK - walk to Poly and take the boat over! Shades used to even run you to the end of the driveway in a little golf cart :slight_smile:

I think it goes to TTC, but for AK I saw it drop off near the ride share area