Transportation and dining reservations


I am booking all my dining. I am staying at the Caribbean Resort. I booked a 735 am breakfasr at chef mickey’s. I was just wondering about transportation. I will not have a car available. Magic Kingdom will open at 8 am that day. Will I make my dining reservation in time or do I need to adjust it. Thanks in advance.

park transportation starts an hour prior to park open. Catch that first bus (be at the bus stop by 6:45am) and walk quickly and you should be able to make your reservation.

Otherwise, you might want to consider a cab or Uber, which will drop you directly at Contemporary.

Thank you,

So, if I get dropped off at the magic kingdom then I can walk to the contemporary or catch the monorail?

Walk for sure. 10minute walk max.

the bus will drop you off at MK, then best to walk to Contemporary.

cab/uber will drop you off at the front of the resort

Thanks so much