Transportation AK to MK

What would be our best bet for transportation from AK to MK? We are staying At Pop Century and will have a car.

Best in terms of what factor? Cost? Time? Hassling with driving in traffic/parking lots? Using strollers? My definition of best won’t match others. For me, free and simple meant the Disney buses, which go directly from AK to MK. They drop you at the entry of MK not at TTC (where you would be with your car).

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We will have two small kids and a double stroller, but either way we’d have to fold up the stroller and juggle all our belongings. So dropping at the entrance is great! THANKS!

I was referring to time originally though. But the convenience of being dropped at the gate probably out weights the time

I honestly can’t see how any option other than the bus would be superior - you might be able to shave off a few minutes with Uber or similar, instead of waiting for the next bus, but I can’t see that being worth the cost.

If you have your own car and want to use it, things get more complicated - it will likely take significantly longer to go from AK to TTC and then to MK with your own car than the bus, though.

Doing strollers on buses depends on how adept you are at folding/unfolding them, while dealing with kids, other riders, belongings. Some people have no problem, others struggle. If you drive, then you usually have parking lot trams to deal with while wrangling a stroller. At the TTC, you don’t have to fold up the stroller for the monorail nor ferry.

We had a double GT city mini stroller and we drove everywhere including MK during the past week. Ppl have complained about the tram. My double stroller didn’t fit in the tram so we walked. Yes the walk to the front door was long but we had better control of our time and we didn’t need to be crammed into a bus loaded of sweaty people.