Transportation Advise

We have a 7:45 AM ADR for O’hana next Sunday and plan on staying until MK closes because we have Party tickets. We are staying at AoA. Should we uber to breakfast and take bus to AoA after party or drive to Poly and leave car there until after party and drive back to AoA from Poly. Last time we had dinner reservations at Kona we could not park at Poly because it was full and had to park at GF. Would that happen in the morning? What is best? Advise and any other options?

I vote for the Lyft/Uber to Poly and bus back from MK plan. I really don’t like taking up a resort parking space all day when I’m not staying there for more than a meal. If you prefer to have your car available, drive to MK in the morning and walk to Poly from TTC.

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That sounds like the best option. Thank you.

I would go with “Plan A” as well. “Officially” you are only allowed a 3 hour parking window for an ADR. There are many discussions about how/if this policy is enforced, but I understand the reason for it, and honor it.

I should add that valet parking is a different story; if you are willing to pay the for valet, then there is no implied time limit.

I didn’t realize there was a 3 hour parking for an ADR. I am a huge rule follower when I know the rules. We have never had luck parking at Poly in the past for our ADR’s so I think uber/lyft is the best option.

Here is some info that may help you:

Definitely agree with uber to Poly then bus.