Transportation Advice

I need transportation advice here are my options for a family of 4, kids will be 7 and 2.5

Option 1: fly both ways. Fly in the night before Disney check in and get a room near the airport. My concern is On check out day departure flight is at 5:15 am. Price: $771

Option 2: fly down drive back w/rental (almost 9 hour drive). My concern with this is how my almost 3 year old will handle the ride. Price $623

Option 3: drive down fly back. With this option we wouldn’t be coming in the night before and my concern is we will miss out on a day of enjoying the resort/other non park activities (we’re only there 4 days). I’m not worried about my youngest in this scenario because we would drive through the night. Price:$588


Fly both ways but change that return flight to much later in the day. Flying that early is miserable.

If that’s not an option, then drive down fly back. My main reason for never trying the drive down is that the drive back would be interminable - at least on the way down you have something to look forward to.

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I agree on flying both ways and changing the return flight. We had a 6:30am return flight and took the ME bus to the airport. That meant we had to wake up way too early for our departure time. It was a miserable day for parents and kid. Never again!

If I couldn’t leave later for that day, I would leave the day before.

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Agree with all of the above. Even if you stay at the on-airport property hotel, 5:15AM is way too early. I’d leave the night before rather than do that.

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So far all the flights back have looonnngg layovers, which I don’t think my LO would handle well.

I can’t leave the night before :cry:. Flights seem to be selling out otherwise I would wait it out to see what some of the discount flights may have. I don’t want to chance it though

When is this trip and what city would you fly from?

September 18th-22nd from Raleigh

Oh Raleigh?

Totes driveable.

That makes me feel more confident.

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I fly from RDU! Have you checked Southwest’s flights? They have direct flights to Orlando and they’re not terrible. Frontier also has direct flights on certain days from RDU but they have a lot of add-on costs.

And if you have to drive, driving from Wake County isn’t bad! We’ve done it. Heads up - there’s not a ton of rest areas/gas stations on I-95 in South Carolina. We found that out the hard way!

Enjoy your trip!

I rechecked southwest and saw a non stop 4:50, I didn’t see before. Thanks for the advice! I feel more comfortable about driving if we decide to go that route


I agree, Wake County is an easy drive to WDW (we did it with kids 1, 3, 7, and 9 at the time), a nice direct flight, or a nice overnight train ride!