Transport to USF from Disney resort—how early?

If USF opens at 9 am on a weekday, how early would you schedule a ride (or try to grab Lyft etc) from Bay Lake Tower? We’d like to rope drop and will have to do anything required in person for their disability pass too. Thanks!

I’m not sure of the first part, but a piece of advice on the disability pass - use the guest services inside the park instead of the one outside - much shorter line!

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What day are you visiting?

I think it’s a Wednesday-definitely a weekday though, not weekend.

What day specifically so I can pull up the crowd calendar.

May 11

Ok, looks like the resort is at 4 out of 10 which is good. While we don’t have park hours for May yet, I’d say you should plan to arrive at security at UOR at least an hour before park open, this would place you at the park entrance 45 minutes prior to opening.

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