Transport to/from HDD: boat, busses and Ubers OH MY

We will be doing HDD at 6:15 on a MK day (in January). I just realized that we can boat over! Yay! (I know it may add some time, but if the weather is good, I’m ok with that for the experience!)

After the show, we will be going back to Kidani. So as I understand the options that DON’T require multi-steps (e.g., avoiding the TTC), we would either take:
A. internal bus to front of campgrounds, Uber to AKL
B. Minnie Van directly from Pioneer Hall area to AKL
C. (?) internal bus to front, then bus to AKL?

Is C an option? I’m not clear on whether there would be a bus running directly from WC to AKL.

I think for option C you could boat back to MK and get a bus to AKL.


Right, I know that’s an option. Sounds time consuming lol. That’s why I’m wondering if there is a direct bus from WC to AKL. :slight_smile:

I’m confused What’s WC? And other than the Minnie Van, your other options involve a change, so why would the boat to MK and then a bus be a problem?

We’ve had different experiences with the buses, admittedly after the late showing. The first few times, there were buses waiting for us by Pioneer Hall for all the different resorts.

The last time we went, we all had to go back to MK on buses and change there for the individual resorts. Either way, I think there will be a bus option but it may involve changing, either at FW or at MK.

I’m confused too :thinking: I have no idea what I meant by that… :joy: I guess I was thinking “fort Wilderness Campgrounds” but not sure where the “F” went lol. Over-acronyming syndrome (OAS? :rofl:)

It seems like the boat to MK would be longer than the internal bus to the front of the campgrounds; and also that the transfer from boat to bus at MK might potentially be longer/more crowded than the transfer from internal bus to resort bus at the campgrounds. But I really don’t know since I haven’t done this before.

However, if it turned out that there isn’t a resort-to-resort bus option at campgrounds, then it’s a whole different computation. So that’s really what I was trying to get at, just to know all of our options. :slightly_smiling_face:

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