Transport post-covid

I apologize if this is discussed elsewhere. I tried to search through everything post-Covid and couldn’t figure it out in regards to transportation pre-park for ADRs needing a car seat.

We previously used Minnie Vans often and loved them. We also used separate ride share in the past (to go to Universal) with a car seat, but I can’t even find that as an option anymore on Uber or Lyft. I have looked at all times of day for the last week or so on Uber and every type of car seat car is listed as no cars available. I don’t even see the car seat as an option for Lyft anymore.
We typically do our early breakfast nearby the park we are going to (in the past, for example, Minnie Van to contemporary for chef Mickey’s and then walk to the park and take disney transport back to resort after park day). I thought about renting a car, but then we would need to move it multiple times since the valet option to park at the resort for the day is no longer available.
Does anyone else have any recent car seat experience with all the Covid changes? Am I overthinking this and missing an obvious solution?

I have 0 personal experience, but I frequently see people post about bringing their own portable car seat to use with Uber/Lyft. I think BubbleBum is one brand that gets mentioned a lot.

Thank you, I saw those and I think that will be a perfect solution for us in a year or two, I will definitely look into buying one. Right now my daughter is still in a 5 point harness front facing seat, which I can still rent and bring with us but not as portable.

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