Transport from POR to universal to airport

Sorry if this is asked a lot, but does anyone have any recommendations for getting from POR to universal and then to the airport. Catching the MDE to POR, but obviously not an option for the end of our trip.
Prefer not to hire a car, as we’re from Australia and too chicken to drive :slight_smile:

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thanks for that. i’ll have a look

One thing to bear in mind is that, depending on the airline you are flying, you may be able to use the Resort Airline Check-In Service. This would allow you to check in to your flight and check your luggage at POR so that you do not have to worry about dragging it with you to UOR and finding somewhere to store it.

thanks for that =) but we’re actually going to UOR for the last 5 nights of our Orlando trip. we were originally going to split our 10 day WDW stay to either side of UOR to make use of the Disney express but didn’t end up doing it

OK, then the Resort Airline Check-in isn’t a good idea, as you probably want some clothes. :slight_smile: To me it sounded like you were going from POR to UOR for the day, and then on to MCO - much more fun to spend a few days there!

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