Transport from Pop to Poly

What is the easiest way to get from Pop to Poly for a dinner reservation at Ohana? We’ve got 5:15 reservations for our group of 15. We’ll have kids (seven 3-9YOs), maybe a stroller and maybe an ECV. Is there enough there to keep us occupied to stay to watch the fireworks? We’re going to MK the next day and have tickets to seats and treats so maybe we should save our energy?

So the easiest way to get from point a to point b is your own car

The next is probably ride share, but you have littles so ixnay on at-thay

Which leaves Disney transport. Take the bus from Pop to MK and then boat over. The big ferry to TTC will be the fastest, the small ferry might be a no-go with the ECV (or you may have to wait longer for one that can accommodate it).

You could also monorail around. Or, now, walk - but that will take you probably 40 minutes with that group.

For a 5:15 dinner, even if they are running behind (not super likely at that time as they only open at 5) you’ll be done by 6:30, maybe 6:45 at the outside. Not a TON to do until 9pm, but you could take a monorail ride around or check out the othero monorail loop resorts


Thanks, we won’t have vehicles with us. Most of our group isn’t doing EC or HS so I was wondering about the skyliner option.

You can’t get to Poly on Skyliner. Skyliner only goes from AoA/Pop to Caribbean Beach, Riviera, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot

Could the “skyliner option” loosely mean SL to HS and then bus to Poly? SL line at Pop shouldn’t be bad at that time of day so this might be comparable in overall time to ‘Pop to MK to Poly’ route, depending on catching good timing with bus//boat/monorail. In theory anyway.


I think that’s 6/12 vs half dozen

Same/same ultimately

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Sorry y’all, lol… flipping no bus to Epcot from Skyliner resorts is still hard for my brain to accept. So… Only if the Skyliner is down, take the bus to EP and then mono to TCC and walk to Poly.


Yeah, by skyliner option, i meant to EC or HS then monorail?

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It would work. I don’t know enough about transportation times to know if it would be a horrible time suck. You’d need to go through EP to the front to get the monorail and then from the TTC to the Poly. Or Skyliner to HS and bus to Poly.

okay, we won’t have tickets to go through EP so that probably won’t work.

I think I would take the bus from Pop to MK then maybe the boat launch to the Poly (great views of the lagoon and GF…and approaches the Poly from the beach), or the ferry to TTC and walk over to the Poly.

After dinner, walk over to TTC and take a monorail ride over to EPCOT and back to give everyone not visiting EPCOT a peek at the park.

Check the schedule for when the Electric Water Pageant is running and see if you want to hang at one of the Monorail resorts to watch it before hopping a bus back to Pop from MK.


Depending on timing of when you are going and when Minnie Vans make their comeback, I would recommend the Minnie Vans. Worth every penny for the door to door service and Disney informed drivers.

For my Ohana reservations I took bus to MK and walked to Poly. It’s a lovely walk.

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