Transport for Early Dining before park opens

Hi All,

Has anyone any experience of how to get to MK before opening for early dining reservations? We are staying in a Disney Resort so at least if we need to drive we can park for free but with the MK you have to park in the transportation centre so how do you get from there to the park for an early BOG dining prior to park opening and transport starting?

Hope one of your has some experience of this :wink:

Cheers, Andy

I have traveled from BC to MK for an pre RD ADR. The concierge told me the night before to be prepared to take a cab to CR and walk (which I was) but there was a bus outside right before 7:00.

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I have not had any trouble with the buses for 8 am ADRs. I’ve done it from PORQ a few times. I think the trick is to give yourself enough time. All early ADR people are allowed into the parks before 8, even if their ADR is a slightly later one like 8:45. In my experience there are always a lot of people lined up by 7:30 and they start letting people inside around 7:45. I went to the bus stop between 7:00-7:20, and had no trouble catching a bus.

For MK, the bus option is more efficient than driving because of the TTC step. Buses get you closer to the entrance. Taking the monorail early can be tricksy in some seasons, because they don’t always start running early enough. Lots of people do drive to MK for early ADRs though, so don’t let my preference scare you away from doing it.

For the other three parks, it really just depends on your personal preference and plans for the day. Park hopping and plans that include leaving at the same time as a bunch of people (like after Illuminations) can make getting back to your car complicated. If you’re staying in one park the whole time, then driving can feel more efficient, especially since you get a close parking spot before an early ADR.

When you take a bus from a Disney resort to MK, they drop you off at the entrance, not at the TTC, which saves all the time crossing the lagoon.