Transporation to and from Bon Voyage to Magic Kingdom

We have a 7:45 am Bon Voyage Breakfast reservation at Trattoria al Forno on our last day. How do we get from Pop Century to Bon Voyage in time and then from Bon Voyage to Magic Kingdom by 9:45 am? We have our car but it is easier to take a minnie van to Bon Voyage and then take the bus from the breakfast to MK? Also, is it safe to leave your suitcases in the car?

I would feel safe leaving my suitcases in my car but if it is hot I would leave them at Bell Services if you have anything packed that would be effected by high heat.

The minivan would work, but I would first check if the skyliner is running.

I would drive for sure- especially since you don’t have a ton of time between your breakfast and when you want to be in the park.

You would leave the car at Boardwalk?

No, I would drive to both places.

I would definitely drive to MK before 8, I am just concerned about the TTC at that time.

Is there parking at Boardwalk close to Trattoria al Forno?

There is parking at BWI. The guard will direct you to the correct lot. The issue is that you will be later to the TTC to park for transportation to MK. You will need to take the tram and then ferry or monorail to MK.

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How complicated it is to go from Pop to Ohana and then Ohana to MK?

Also how complicated is it to get from Trattoria al forno to Typhoon Lagoon?

You have a car? Honestly, I would park at Poly and boat/monorail after your reservation (technically exceeds the 3 hours- you could valet and if you don’t want to break the rules).

Always drive to water parks if you can, but all resorts have direct buses.

Disney transportation to Poly from Pop- bus to MK and then boat or monorail to Poly.

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