Transition from Day to HHN

Contemplating a quick trip to UOR next month. Will have DD5 and my not-at-all-a-fan-of-horror DW with me, so HHN is not in the cards for us. I see from another post that they kick you out if you’re not there for HHN a couple of hours prior to park closing. Does that mean they actually start in with the scary stuff during that time as well? If so, is it avoidable, or are you left with no choice but to pass through some of the scare zones if they are between you and the exit?

Park is set to close at 8 on the days we’re there, FWIW.

Think I may have figured this out myself – am I correct that HHN is exclusively at Universal Studios, and there’s nothing going on of that sort at IOA at all? Studios actually closes at 5, whereas IOA closes at 8. We could just head over to IOA and have it not be an issue, I assume?

Yes, HHN is only at the Studios, nothing at all in IoA. They clear US at 5pm. It reopens at 6:30 for HHN. If you are in the park during the day and have a valid HHN ticket for that day, you can stay in a holding area and gain entry at 5:45ish…

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