Transformers Meet and Greet

It’s hard to find much info on this. App doesn’t even show M&Gs. Does this usually run continuously all day? How long is the wait in the afternoon?

Big dilemma- we are not thrill rides people and can’t do most of the universal rides, including Transformers ride. We will be doing Universal for 1 day mainly for Jurassic stuff (not the coaster) but don is also a huge transformers fan. Only reason to go to Universal Florida side would be for M&G. Since it’s a huge extra expense I want to make sure it’s feasible.

I think the app does have some character info but the app is hard to navigate. I just took two screenshots:

I found this info under “shows”.

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Oh - it’s under shows. Never would have thought of that. Hard to believe but I think this is worse than Disney l’s app.

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I completely agree!


The Transformers M&G does typically run (almost) continuously throughout the day from late morning to early evening, with breaks and character changes happening regularly too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a crazy line for it, but, that said, I’ve never waited for the personal interaction. Fun just to stand close by and watch.


Thanks. At 2:30 yesterday the app wasn’t showing more times so this is helpful.

It shows the whole day time span constantly every day.

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My screen shot from the app yesterday said it was done for the day.

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Yes. Odd. I’ll have to check when the park is actually open.

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I thought I saw the same thing yesterday, but maybe it closed early.

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Because they are on stilts, if it’s windy they can’t come out.


Oh that makes sense and is a risk. Will try to catch them early I guess.

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I see it closed early again but given the storm they makes sense. Seems like I might need to hit it early just in case.


Every day when I Check in the morning- today at 9:30 it says no more times today.

Where are you seeing this?

The app says 9am-8:50pm

I does give a time range but shows this.

Thats just generic language. Says the same for like, Raptor Encounter. Since their is no “show times” the system just defaults to that, which it shouldn’t say really.

Thanks for clarifying. That’s very confusing and no way to know if it’s really closed for some reason.