Transferring Points

Hi all. Im going to book a 2 bedroom at Kidani for next year but my points won’t cover a Sav View, only standard. How do I go about getting extra points for this trip? I realize I can buy 24 points but it’s still not enough to get the Sav view. Do members sell their points for direct transfer into another member’s account? Does this work for home bookings?

I found this:

Thank you. Any idea how that happens though? Does a call need to be made to Services? Is it applicable to 11-month home reservations?

I believe you need to rent them the same way you would for a reservation? The 24 points are only available at 7 months. Will you go through MouseOwners, do you know someone, or will you use a company?

What about borrowing points from your next use year?

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Yeah, already doing that

I have been reading about this. It seems rather challenging. You will be looking for someone with the same home resort and it is best to have the same use year. It was suggested it might be better to do a combo of your own points and then renting points for the extra night (s).

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Ohhh. I understand–I never seem to have enough points.

I’ve been toying with the idea of a transfer for a while for my upcoming trip. I will be short 3 points so I can easily buy them at the 7 month mark, but will also borrow all of my 2020 points, so if I did a small transfer I could keep some 2020 points.

I believe the mechanics are a 3 way call with member services with both parties on the phone. There is a very active rent/transfer board on Mouseowners and the Timeshare Store emails out points available for transfer twice a week. If you are looking for 100+ points then you will have a better chance.

You don’t need to worry about use year or home resort, the points will always retain this but you need to call MS to book so it can be tough to get hard to book resorts this way.

You will lose the 11 month window if the points do not originate from that home resort?

I’m sorry, I was terribly unclear. I more meant that you don’t really need to worry about matching YOUR certain home resort just the resort that you are trying to book. (Which in this case does sound like her home resort.)

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I have read that if use year and resort line up with what you have you can see the points in your account but I agree, that is the only reason.

If I rented points for any outstanding nights I didn’t have enough of my own points for, wouldn’t it be likely that I’d have to change rooms? Essentially it would be two different reservations. What am I missing ?

It’s mostly my understanding that they don’t want you to have to move rooms (so that they don’t have to clean) so if you call MS they can somehow link the two reservations. But I’m unclear how that works if one is yours and one is someone else’s!

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