Transferring old tickets to MDE

My wife and I uncovered some old non-expiring park hoppers with days left on them. We want to add them to our MDE accounts while we’re down there this month, but to avoid any possibility of confusion with our tickets for this trip (required for our free dining package) that we’ll be using, we want to add the old tickets on after we’re done in the parks for this trip.

Where can we have this done? Ideally it can be done at a resort, either our own (AS Sports) or at the Beach Club, since we have a late breakfast at Cape May on our way out of town. If not there though, can it be done at the International Gateway at Epcot? That will only be a short walk away, which wouldn’t be a bad idea after a big breakfast and before getting back in the car for the drive home, but I don’t want to plan for that only to find it can’t be done.

I know we’ll need the tickets, both of us present, and government ID. Anything else to make the process go smoother?

I cannot answer your question but I heard a recent suggestion that may help you. It was suggested if you have no expiration tickets and other tickets that you should not link the non expiration tickets until you need to. If possible, keep them off your band. This way they will never be used “by mistake”, leaving unused tickets on your band.