Transferring Magic Bands

A couple of my friends have magic bands from their trip in the spring and offered them to DBF and I for our upcoming trip in a couple of weeks because we’re staying off-site. Is that allowed? If so, anything special we have to do to link our tickets?

I don’t think that would work. Once a MB is linked to a ticket/account, it can’t be unlinked. (As far as I understand)

MBs can be deactivated and reactivated, but will always linked to the first MDE account that purchased them. You can purchase your own, on line or at WDW, and use them for about 2 years. So, if you’re expecting future off site trips, you may want to buy the designs you like.

You can’t use them as^^they are linked to a person on mde for tickets etc and they are linked to finger print id scan for park entry.

You can’t use theirs, but you certainly can buy your own when you get to the parks. Bonus: they have character and collectable ones, not just plain ones, to choose from.