Transferring Magic Bands to another guest

Okay, my son and I went to WDW last September and he had a solid Magic Band. This year, we are staying off property and he wants a Star Wars one. My wife said she would take his old one. Is there a way to change that to her account? I tried to link it to hers and it says I cannot because it’s linked to his account. So, I made it “inactive” on his account but it still won’t let me link it to hers. The only other option is to call customer service, but trying to avoid that option. Anyone try this before?

Sorry. You can’t do that.

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I tried to do that this year, but they told me that once a band is assigned to someone, that’s the only person who can use it. Sorry.

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I think he’d have to use the old one to enter the park, but once in the park they could switch bands and it wouldn’t matter, so he could still get to wear the Star Wars one for the day. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

We just bought new ones for everyone. It wasn’t an issue for him to get a new one, the issue was to take his old one and let my wife use it, but that won’t work since it can’t be transferred.