Transferring bags during split stay

I’m sure this has been asked/answered before, but a search didn’t turn up any threads that seemed right.

When doing a split stay, what are the ins and outs of having your luggage transferred?

For our trip in December, we’ll be staying in the Boardwalk Villas (DVC rental) for 7 nights, and then transfer to the Contemporary for a single night. We’ll have a car, so we can just load our luggage in our vehicle until it is time to check in…but I’m wondering if it would be less of a hassle to just have them transfer our luggage for us.

What are the positives/negatives to doing it this way versus transferring luggage ourselves?

I love split stays and do them almost any stay that is 4 or more nights.

If you have a car, move them yourself. In December you can put them in your trunk. If you are going to MK, drive to CR and drop them off.

If you are relying on Disney you should ALWAYS call from your room. This will “open a ticket” in the system and if anything goes wrong they can easily find your bags. Bell Services will come to your room and give you a claim ticket.

Some people will tell you to bring your bags down to bell services. Usually that is fine. If there is a problem, it can get complicated.

Your bags most likely will not get to the next resort until after 3:00.

Examples of lost bags both ways:

AKL to Poly- I brought the bags down to AKL bell services. Poly received their internal delivery. My bags were not there. There was no record of my bags. I had my claim tickets but since I dropped off the bags no one put them in the system. Three hours after I started asking (45 minutes before my CG ADR) a liner CM contacted AKL bell services, my bags were in the corner there.

AKL to WL (see a pattern?)- at WL called down to bell services, bags not there. Give us 10 minutes and we will call you back. They called back within minutes and told me my bags would be there within 30 minutes (AKL sent them to FW).


there is a good video on the Touring Plans Youtube channel about luggage transfer

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I was wondering about this also. Thanks for the good tips!

We do a lot of split stays and always have a car. Just transfer your stuff yourselves, no reason to take a chance that your luggage will be delayed or lost for the day.


Brian’s video also shows him picking up his bag. I stopped asking at bell services after BC refused to allow me to get the bags. They told me I had to call from the room. I would be interested in reports if that has worked at other resorts, specifically DVC or deluxe resorts.

My mom and I spent 1 night at Gran Destino before transferring to AKL this past September.
My mom went down by herself to retrieve the bags so bell services helped her bring them back, but had I been there we would have brought them back ourselves. Otherwise, we did exactly what Brian did.

Last May, we transferred from AKV to BRV to OKW, but we had a rental car and more bags (4 people this time) so we moved them ourselves. Our room wasn’t ready when we first arrived at BRV so we checked the luggage with bell services. However, when we were still in the lobby, the room became ready. I don’t remember if we had the option of moving them ourselves. My dad and I were the only ones present for the luggage move so used the assistance of bell services.

When your bags were brought to AKL you could pick them up at bell services? You did not have to call from your room?

My mother called bell services first, but no one picked up. She then walked down. This was 9/1/2019 which was during the storm prep for Hurricane Dorian (also Sunday of Labor Day weekend). They were probably short staffed…employees needed to get their own homes ready for the storm.

Adding in that the bag retrieval was after 10 pm.

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Well, at least it is good to know it CAN be done. I feel like I have always been “ordered to my room” :grinning:

I’ve had a couple different experiences with luggage transfer. 2018 we moved from ASMo to POR and I had to be in the room to have the luggage delivered. 2019 we transferred from AKL to AoA. I called from the room to ask for the bags to be delivered and was told I didn’t need to remain in the room to have the bags delivered. I don’t know if I could have called while at the pool to have them delivered.

I’m doing 5 resort hops in March so I’ll test it out and report back.

Okay, thanks. Sounds like just handling ourselves would be simplest. Appreciate it.

We’ll see what happens on our May trip this year. Staying at BLT and BWV and aren’t planning on having a rental car (yet).

Unlike years gone by … The destination resort will NOT deliver the bags to your room unless you are present.

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I have always been told that! @linsalt, any experience with being able to pick them up at at bell services after the transfer?

Which is what I expected but not at all what occurred in Dec 2019 at AoA. We were eating at Ale & Compass when our luggage was delivered to our room. I think this is very much a YMMV thing.

I’ve never tried to retrieve bags from bell services … a friend who did a luggage transfer in late 2019 was able to pick them up at bell services.

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