Transferring ADRs For Dummies (that’s me!)

Will someone walk me through transferring an ADR to another liner? Isn’t there a way I can add them on MDE then transfer ownership of the reservation instead of attempting to drop it and hope they grab it in time? Thanks!

I’ve never heard of that. You just need to drop it and hope they grab it when when it shows up.

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What I would do in that situation would be to leave my name on it and add the Liner’s name plus however many guests.

I’ve done that before when friends were looking for an ADR .

You’ do of course take the risk of being charged if they don’t show. When I’ve done it, either they were what I would class as friends or, in one case, it was for a really special event which I decided she wasn’t going to pass up.

In the past I was able to make an ADR and add a member of my friends and family as the lead guest.

But you still pay the fee if they don’t show right? Not the lead guest?

I’m hesitant to do it that way unless it is someone really, really well known to me

I prefer to coordinate a time with the individual, be on at the same exact time, count down from 10, and drop it, have them refresh the search, and pick it up


Yes exactly.

The last time I did this was for my son’s ex and her son. He wanted to eat at CRT for his birthday. I was not on the reservation at all but you might be right.

They were on the dining plan and it pulled their credits? I did not pay for it.

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Thanks everyone!

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