Transferring 5 ppl + luggage to UOF

What’s the most cost effective way to make this trip? Call 2 cars on uber? Will that even work with luggage? We don’t have uber at home so it’s new territory for me. We’ll have 3-4 carry on suitcases and 2 or 3 bigger suitcases. I don’t want to book anything ahead of time because our plan for the day is MK until we “feel done”, and that could be 2:00 or 10:00…

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

My advice if you are looking into Uber, is to download the app, but also look into LYFT. They both have promotions, but don’t try the Uber promotion until ready to use it, as I lost the promotion on both Andrea’s app and mine when it closed/timed out on my screen. LYFT has a promotion of $55 credit, for $5 off a ride for 11 rides (which are good for I think 2 weeks) We used Lyft a number of times and would suggest it with the promotion. Something else, they both have larger vechiles that you can order, like a van, which would posibly save you money. THis is just a suggestion. Either of these will be much cheaper than a cab. We live in the middle of Kansas and Uber has not been here.

Uber extra large worked well for our group. As long as you don’t have lots and lots of luggage.

Thanks guys. I forgot about uber XL. That will probably work well for our luggage.

Does Lyft let you search for larger cars?

We had five people with luggage and traveled easily in a Mears’ van. No issues at all.