Transfer points?

Anyone ever able to get transfer points under 100? I need 58 for a trip in October and want to be able to manage the trip in my account.

I’m not aware of any min or max on transfers but i have not done them. Here’s the current rules…

I almost went the transfer route last year so I still get this list emailed to me weekly. I haven’t paid super close attention, but I definitely have seen 50 point transfers offered!®&utm_campaign=ee4ab0dee7-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_01_21_02_44&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_eb705f282f-ee4ab0dee7-148037469

There is a 36 point BWV transfer available today! You could buy 22 OTU points to go with it.

You can only buy one time use points at 7 months out.

And @brian81464_716263, Welcome to the Touring Plans forum!

The issue with small point transfers is that you can only have one transfer per use year, either In or Out. So most people would want to transfer more points than that. Keep an eye on the broker listings, but I would maybe think about renting through a broker instead.

I know, I figured if he was booking now for October that he was looking at a 7 month window. I have purchased more OTU points than I should have!

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Sorry, that makes sense now you point it out lol!

Get this, a 3 point transfer popped up this morning! Lol. Copper Creek for $60.


I guess they have 3 points left over and are trying their luck.

I have 4 points left in my 2019 use year which I won’t be able to use. I rented out the rest, just those left over. Sadly they’re already banked so can’t transfer them, otherwise I would have gladly done so for free to someone who needed them.

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