Trail's End / P&J's Southern Takeout

I don’t hear much about Trail’s End here, but it used to be my husband’s favorite. It’s the only place that he really asks to repeat. I know that the menu has changed since it switched from being a buffet. Has anyone been there recently? I’m wondering if we are better off getting food from P&J’s now. I think it is more along the lines of what they serve at Hoop-De-Doo. Thanks!

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Never eaten at PJs. Love :heart: :heart_eyes: Trail’s End but no reopening experience.

I am posting to say I’ve always heard HDDR and Trail’s End shared a kitchen/same food.


Just last night I was thinking of the old buffet and missing it. Enormously.


I ate at both in March and they were great! Obviously the same kitchen. I was really impressed with Trail’s End. I asked for a couple of the vegetables from the vegetarian platter (cauliflower I believe) and it was all SO good. I’ve never been there previously but I would definitely do it again if I was at the Fort.

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Thanks! We have a reservation. I will probably keep it to give it a try. I’m just not sure if he will like the skillet as much as the buffet. The little mason jar desserts look good though!

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That’s good to know! I never hear much about it. We’ve been 2 or 3 times before it changed, and it was very good.

Are you staying at Fort Wilderness? I’m not sure it’s worth a separate trip but we really liked it.

No, we are not. We’ve always taken the boat from MK, but we also have a car.

With a car, you’ll need an internal bus from the Outpost to the Pioneer Hall area.

We almost always visit Trail’s End even tho we’re not staying at FtW. Usually from MK cuz boat ride.

Let us know your experience. Those desserts do look great.

Thanks! I will let you know.

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I believe PJs is take out or outdoor seating only - no indoor so something to consider.

I’ve always had a love/hate with buffets. I love the variety they offer especially for kids but even before COVID skeeved me lot a bit. Family style sort of offers the best of both worlds - all you can eat variety in a cleaner environment. We’re staying at WL so I’m curious if this will stay family style as well as others like CP.

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