Trails End and Crockett’s Tavern re-opening July 27th

Trails End is now a QS restaurant, which will be serving the strawberry shortcake from HDDR (as a single serve). Yum! :heart:

Photos and menu details here:


This looks priming. It needs more QS options as the P&Js menu is very limited, although this still looks like similar food. P&Js family meals for $27 May still be the best deal in all of WDW though.

What is P&J?

P&J’s Southern Take out is the current quick service on property.

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oh yay! They’ll def be open in early September then, and maybe have any early kinks worked out of the system. :slight_smile: :tada:

Can I tell you that the strawberry shortcake just about ruined HDDR for my dessert-snob children?? Lol there was almost a riot. Thankfully the dancing and washboard plucking happened or there may have been tears regarding a lack of chocolate.

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I really shouldn’t laugh but


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ohhh yep mine would have been pretty much right there with them, but i warned them ahead of time so they knew what to expect. (at least, the one that was old enough retain that info!)

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Heck, this grown adult woman was disappointed at the HDDR dessert! Strawberry shortcake is no where near the top of my list. Give me all the chocolate!!


You know Mama was having half a Gideon’s back in the hotel room! But let’s also be real, both of them had easily had 2 Mickey bars during the day and one of their dinners consisted entirely of corn bread, so they were ok!

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