Trails around Tree of Life

Are there trails open where you can wander around and see the carvings around the Tree of Life? We really enjoyed this years back but couldn’t find any trails on our last trip in 2013. If there are open trails, where is the best place to access them?

I think the discovery island trails are what you are talking about. They were closed for a while due to construction but I’m pretty sure at least some of the trails and areas around the tree are open. And you can go into the tree for its tough to be a bug. We also caught one of the “awakenings” when we were there in July, and it was awesome, so I must recommend that you view the tree after dark if possible.

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We were there in February and the Discovery Island Trails were closed because they were doing some maintenance on the Tree of Life. It was something I really wanted to do!! Others have stated that if you see It’s tough to be a bug you get really close to The Tree of Life.