Traffic on Run Weekends?

I am considering making a back up reservation for our December trip. In considering April 2021, there is a Star Wars Rival Run listed on TP. It looks like it is Thursday the 15th to Sunday the 18th. How much might that impact traffic/parks on those dates? Although Easter weekend does not look like there will be high CL, but I was trying to avoid April 2nd to the 11th.
We would be using Disney transportation, primarily buses.

  1. Easter weekend WILL have a high crowd level. It perhaps just has not updated yet. But Easter is always one of the busiest weekends of the year, with the very highest crowd levels.

  2. Traffic will be messy in the morning, perhaps until noon. Best bet is to use Disney Transport in the first half of the day as they have access to roadways to avoid the races that general public does not.

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We went in January this year during one of the run weekends. Fortunately, it was only our first day of our trip (last day of run weekend). It was very busy.

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Agreed. We were there for marathon weekend in January.

Friday we took a bus to AK RD from BC and it wasn’t impacted as far as we could tell.

Saturday was our departure day, so we had a relaxed morning planned at MK with a lateish breakfast at BOG and then 3 FP, so we weren’t in a big hurry. Which was good because I think we were delayed about 20 min going by bus, but dispatch was giving the buses constant updates on which routes to take. I think Minnie van would get the same access, but maybe not uber or personal car.


Is the Star Wars Rival Run weekend as big of an event as the marathon weekends?