Traffic at WDW - any tips to beat the worst of it?

We’re staying off site, quite a ways off site at Winter Haven this coming March (free accommodation, it’d be rude to say no).
On a good day it’s 40 minutes to Magic Kingdom. But from what I hear about the I4, there aren’t many good days.
Does anyone have a tips or routes for avoiding the worst of the traffic. We’ll be coming from the west, Championsgate direction.
Thank you!

We’ve stayed in Championsgate our last two visits and we like to be at the park by rope drop. I would never describe it as low traffic, but it moves quite steadily at that hour and we make it to the parking lot in about 20 minutes. I just put the address into mapquest and it states the same quoted travel time right now under the heading “moderate.”

Returning after park closing is also super smooth.

I can’t speak to west of that, though…

Thank you that’s really helpful. We go south off I4 pretty soon after that anyway so that’s encouraging!

Free - it’d be more than just rude to say no!!!


Trust Google to get you where you want to go, assuming you have data on your phone. If not, download the maps ahead of time. But then you won’t get accurate traffic routes.

Our trip in February, we stayed in a location that had us backed up at several lights before reaching I4. That was the worst part.

I really like the **511 travel information system. When you plug in where you want to go, they give you 3 routes with the estimated time . The thing I don’t like about the Florida one, is they don’t give you the option to avoid tolls - at least I haven’t figured that out yet.

In Ontario ( they use information from a variety of sources - traffic cameras, police, Waze, construction, track my snowplow, etc. I like the Ontario one better because you can use the website, twitter or old school call 511 on your phone!