Trader Sam's

Headed down July 6-9 Portofino, July 9-16 Boardwalk!! Can’t wait. Has anyone had any recent experience with Trader Sam’s. What have been the wait times been like? Best recommended time/day to go? Also, not sure whether to go in afternoon with kids ages 19, 16, 16, 13, 13; just me and hubby in afternoon; or just me and hubby at night? Looks like a lot of fun. Tried to go in Disneyland 2 years ago but really crowded but determined to get in this trip.

people 21 and under are only allowed in before 8pm and it doesn’t even open until 4pm. I would follow tikimans page on facebook. people post on there a lot or you could post this question on the page yourself and you may get a lot of good responses.

Not recently, but I went 3rd week of April. I went on a Thursday afternoon around 4:15 and we were one of the last groups that walked right in.

I’ve been five times so far, most recently yesterday. Three times I lined up at 3:30 and was one of the first 20 inside and had my choice of seats. One time I arrived at 415 and had to wait 30 minutes. On 24 hour day, eight of us arrived at 430 and waited about an hour on the outside patio.

I have local friends who are regulars who tell me it’s usually a walk-in after 10:00PM.

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I have been once. We arrived around 3:30, and were able to sit down. We attempted a second time, and the wait was 40 minutes so we skipped. If you went early, your teens would enjoy it! It is really well done, and you can order appetizers.

The only time I went (on Memorial Day), we arrived slightly after 3:00 PM and were first in line when the doors opened. Skipper Erica emerged about 10 minutes before 4:00 PM to start the process of letting people in (quite a line had formed behind us). You probably don’t have to arrive as early as we did, but I wouldn’t wait too much longer. Less the 60 guests are admitted at a time and with a group your size you’ll probably want to reserve a bunch of seats together.

You don’t all have to sit out of the dock while waiting, so if some people want to sit a a table with a drink while the others explore the resort, then you can try to keep the family entertained while you wait. You can also return later in the day if you and your husband wish to do so.