Trader Sams strategy

What is the best way to get in to Trader Sams at the Poly? We tried on our last trip and the expected wait time was over 2 hours so we went to Enchanted Rose instead. Should we show up right at 3 PM when they open? Or before? Any advice is appreciated. We have 18 year olds so cant go after 8 pm. Thanks!

People will line up well before the 3pm open. I’ve had luck getting there around 2:15, putting my name on the list and then grabbing a snack from Captain Cooks to wait for the call back.

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I have heard arriving from 30min before opening to an hour before, all dependent on the crowd levels and if it is holiday or school break seasons.

Is there a queue basically after opening til evening? What about after 8pm?

I’ve never been and am wondering if I should try with the kids in during the day or solo later in the evening

I think the chances of getting in later is better, but you’ll still have to put your name on a list and get called back.

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ok, that’s not an issue since we are at Poly

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