Trader Sam's reopening!

Several sources reporting that Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto and Tiki Terrace are reopening today at 3!
Not a huge surprise with the reopening of the resort, but still quite welcome.


Awesome news for anyone there now or going soon!

OK Spirit of Aloha, you’re next. Come on. NOBODY gets left behind!

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SOA should be left behind. Honest to goodness it has been the biggest regret of all the dollars I have ever spent at WDW


Yay! I was hoping for this. Trader sams is always walk up right? I wonder if the walk up queue will be in the app now instead of going up to the desk. I tried to get in once but our return time was over an hour.

It was always walk up. I think. I saw one rumor recently about it going to more of a Oga’s setup. But I haven’t seen anything else about that, so for now, I’d assume walk up.

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It would be nice to be able to join the walk up list as you are heading over with an estimated arrival time and have something say “head over now or cancel” so the next person gets called. I just wouldn’t want a drink or time limit like Ogas did. Most people will probably be in and out anyway.

That bad eh?
I will confess that I’ve never been but then again, I’ve never stayed at Poly either but the show was always there, so y’know return to normal.
I’ve heard people dis the show, mind you they usually start with “well I’ve been to Hawaii and…”
I can only guess they’re not going to be happy with Space 220.


The food was “okay”, the show was cringe-worthy, and the price was stupid for what it turned out to be. I hear it used to be better in days gone by.


I have it on my watch list for October. So you are saying it should be removed from the list?

Spirit of Aloha, yes. UNLESS they made a major overhaul in the shutdown

Trader Sams no - that is a must do

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Yup…totally meant Spirit of Aloha. Trader Sam’s is a must do and I already have it noted that we have to be there well before 8pm since dd is only 20yo and apparently turns into a pumpkin at 8pm.

OK I’m presuming that HDDR gets a passing grade so I have to ask: cringe worthy because of really bad jokes, lacklustre performances, shirtless dudes, cultural appropriation…?

HDDR is fantastic, when that comes back do that. I know I’ll do it again ASAP. I had hoped it would come through for my recent trip.

Yes, yes, no (surprisingly non-offensive in this setting), and ?maybe


Ok thanks for the feedback.

Given the recent re-furb, I wonder if we’ll see more of a Moana storyline in SOA…

Interesting thought. That might relieve some of the cringe


I wouldn’t say cultural appropriation since the cast was mostly Pacific Islanders. But the plot is lame and the food isn’t that good either. If they went to a more traditional luau style with performances and traditional story telling without hokey story lines, I’d try it.
Take a page from Aulani.

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Disney Presents the Maui and Moana Sing-Along Luau


That’s actually one of the best soundtracks, IMO, so I might be okay with that LOL


I dont know why I never thought of going to trader sams after MK closes. I just assume everything else is closed. I’m going to have to hit up some of the resort bars after fireworks. I’m always so beat though lol