Trader Sam's on MK Day - timing

Want to take my mom to Trader Sam’s for late lunch/early dinner on our MK day. Usually we do Geyser Point, but with a small group (just two) and no littles in tow, I thought this would be fun. It’ll be the first week of April - so busy time - what time would you show up at TS to put name on the list? How long would you plan to get there on the monorail?

ETA - we will do lunch. So will hopefully get there for when it opens, but I’m assuming some people rope drop trader sam’s. . .

I put my name in at 5:00 and was told a 3 hour wait. Got text that we could enter 2 hrs and 40 minutes later. It’s not a place I’d rely on to eat–If you are talking about the inside bar.

We ordered drinks outside with no wait but all tables were taken. Had to stalk tables until someone got up.

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I should have been clearer in my post - we will definitely do lunch and try to go right at opening. Trying to figure out how far before opening we should get there and then back up my travel time.

Wish we could do it as part of our monorail lounge crawl the night before but for all the reasons you just describe, no way! It’s so crazy how long the waits can be!!!

I think I’ve read to be there by 2:00 for a 3:00 opening.


If you want to get right in, I recommend getting there at 2 for the 3pm opening.

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