Trader Sam's - mid-April

What time do you need to get there these days to get on the list to get in?

Going mid-April.

Ideally we would have a snack/drink and be out before 9.


In my experience people start lining up around 2 and it fills up pretty quickly. Then you’re just at the whims of the crowd inside as the how fast they go down the line. I would expect a 2 hour wait if you arrive after 3 and then just be happy if it’s less than that.

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Great. This helps. If we get there around 4, we should get in around 6 or so.
That would be fine.


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When we went in Feb 2020 we didn’t get on the list early. We had to wait, IIRC, 90 mins? They text when you can enter, so we used the time to explore the Poly.

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That’s super helpful. Thank you!!

I plan to go in March. We probably won’t show up until 6:00 or later. I’ll try to remember to report back on my wait. I’d prefer to be in there when kids aren’t allowed since I’ll be on an adults only girls trip.

It also depends on if you’re going on a weeknight or the weekend and how many people are in your party…
I think the most I’ve ever waited was 4 hours…and that was for 4 people, we got on the list at like 2:30pm. I’ll have to go back and check what day of the week that was.


Thanks! I appreciate you reporting back!

Thanks! This is a weekday but you never know…

If we don’t get in, we’ll just grab food from the QS and sit on the patio if the weather is nice.

@blemon I’m reporting back:

On Friday, 3/10/23 we put our name on the list for Trader Sam’s at 5:00. We were told it would be a 3 hour wait. We went to Tambu, got drinks, then sat outside on the patio and got more drinks, and then decided to leave and head over to Grand Flo to see the Easter Egg display around 7:30. No sooner had we entered the Grand Flo, did I get a text that they were ready for us at Trader Sams. It was 2 hrs and 40 minutes after we had put our names in. We’d been up since 4am and decided not to go back. I was with two friends who were new to the Disney life and wanted to be at Rivieria before 9:00 to watch fireworks from the patio at Topolinos instead. And, I wanted them up and at the Skyliner by 7:30 the next morning.

On the plus side, friends LOVED our quick trip and can’t wait to go back.


Thank you for this!

We will try it.

Really appreciate the report. Super nice of you.