Tracking Points - Is there a better way?

Great, no, I was going to say email them and they can fix it, they are very responsive and helpful!

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Yes, they were wicked responsive.

I actually never circled back to this thread. I think the service is pretty helpful! It took some rejiggering to track my points into the right use-years but now it gives me an alert that I have some points that must be used. I like the feature where I can get it to calculate points across different resorts for certain dates. (I previously used David’s rental website for this!)

They also have a very cool availability feature. The best part of it only goes 1 year in advance so it’s a little bit unhelpful there as I need to be thinking 13-14+ months out so that I’m ready to book at 11 months. It’s definitely a neat site.


Great to hear! When you create a vacation is when it shows you the availability chance, so create your vacation for what ever date you plan on going even 14+ months out and once saved it will show you that info.

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Ah, ok! That’s so helpful! So I like that this is yellow! (My Boardwalk dates were red, but I own there!)

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