Tracking App (for large group)

Sorry, I’m full of questions this morning.

Does anyone recommend a particular app (need something compatible with iPhone and Android) to track location and communicate while in the parks? We’ve got a large group (over 20) and I’d like to be able to see where people are etc. without texting or calling a bunch of people.

I’m interested in this too. Though my needs would be far less people.

I have tried “heytell” which was supposed to be like a walkie-talkie, but really it’s just a “voice text message” more than anything else. I don’t think it’ll serve my needs. I’m looking to basically talk to my party, wherever they are, without a phone call.

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So I went back and asked my friend what we used for a race (bike and marathon) weekend and it is called Life360. It allows you to set check in points that notify you if people are there (perhaps for hotel) and you can see each person on a map. You can also message within the app to everyone or individuals.

My family uses my Google Apps domain and we just use Google Maps sharing right now.

But, before that feature was put back (was taken out and/or a crippled feature for awhile), we used Glympse with success. Nice interface, easy to use.

Thanks! I was looking at Glympse because it had good reviews. But don’t you have to keep renewing or sharing your location? It looked like it was only for a set time. I’d want to turn it on and leave it on the whole week.

For cross platform, you probably can’t go wrong with Google Maps.

You know you are right, completely forgot you couldn’t just lock Glympse on. We only used it for shorter trips, so didn’t come up that often.

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This article may be useful.


GroupMe is a texting program we use for sports teams. Not sure about any location finder.

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I second (or third) the use of sharing on Google maps! It is quite easy and if you have a lot of you, you will see the icons all over the parks. Plus the google maps of the parks are actually really helpful!

You could use google hangouts to chat while on wi-fi as well!

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Anyone know how much battery power the google maps ends up taking if left on all day (roughly. Like does it eat the battery?)?

The google hangouts is an interesting idea. My only concern is it looks like it costs? I’m seeing “$0.00” next to the “Name, phone number” area. Or is that just for like international calls or on the cell service?

I wouldn’t consider maps to eat the battery per-say. The location services will use battery, but you can always close the map app when not in use. It won’t affect others being able to see your specific location. I use google maps directions to get to and from work and have location services on all day during normal use and generally get through a day on a single battery charge (Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge). However, we definitely use an external battery when in the Disney parks regardless between using the Lines app, MDE app and maps/camera/text.

Hangouts definitely doesn’t charge for the chat service. It’s just like email. My husband and I use it pretty interchangeably with text messaging. There is a separate app. I’m not quite sure where you are seeing the $0.00, but that is likely for the phone or video calls. Although we use hangouts to video chat with our family in Germany and I don’t believe we pay for it!

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Unfortunately, the voice communication feature is what I’m after. :frowning: thanks though!

What about those with iPhones? Do they even have Google maps?

Yes! There is a google map iPhone app!

It looks like calls within the US are free.

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