TP's Trip Dashboard

Ooooo…super cool. Really like the new Dashboard. Well done ! :thumbsup:

I love the dashboard! But I also would like the info brklinck asked for!

Pretty cool that when I typed in my trip dates, it automatically plugged in all the TPs that I have done!
Is there a place to add my hotel, dining reservations? (Well, I guess dining reservations are on my TP.)

Those’ll be in an upcoming release. :slight_smile:

Those are coming - we’ve got lots of features planned, this is just the first step. :smile:


The dashboard is great, but…is there a way to make a day at US/IOA in the middle of the calendar?

Just wondering if there’s any plan to allow users to share a dashboard with another user.

i.e.: both my sister and I are WDW touring plan subscribers who are actually planning a joint visit this Nov.

Right now, if she does planning on the dashboard I’d have to use her login to see it - would be great if she could share it with my user account (or better yet, if we could set up a joint dashboard for a given trip).

This is coming soon, @drosenbe.

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I couple of other ideas for the Dashboard:

  1. A “printer-friendly” version for those of us who like to have a hard-copy backup
  2. A single day summary of important info (FPPs, ADRs, etc.) that could be easily viewed on a smartphone screen. Users could take a screenshot of this and save it as their lock screen for easy low-power/no-wifi access.

I love the dashboard. I am using it to include FPP based touring plans. It’s fantastic. It is probably the number one reason I renewed just this past Monday. The dashboard and the way it links the plans to each day. The park hours and weather!

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@LenTesta @sarah Don’t know if this has been asked for yet, but a listing of attractions that are scheduled to be closed/refurbished during the trip (or a link directly to them), would be pretty cool to have. Far from a “must”, but would be very convenient, especially as this is something that is always changing.

Great job, as always.

Ah, we can get that from, right @sarah?

Yup. Totally doable. Putting on the list.

@sarah, have there been reports of a glitch with notifications? I was just at my dashboard since I thought I had put in the wrong dates. I received an email reminding me that my FPP date was coming up the next day. I received it on the day I made my FPPs. I just checked. Here is the screenshot.

If you notice it is sent on the 26th telling me to hake my FPPs which it says is the 26th.