TP's Trip Dashboard

Another great resource from TouringPlans. Do these guys sleep? smile


Thanks! The developers don't sleep. We replaced their blood with constantly refreshed iced coffee back when we switched health care plans in '11.

This should be out sometime today, if it's not already.


Ooh - a shiny new toy. Must play with it...

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That- is freakin awesome!

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Speaking of the blog... @len, how come the TP blog side of the website doesn't recognize that I subscribe and is always asking me to subscribe? Am I doing something wrong?

I really like the idea of this - can't wait to try it out.

Dashboard should be available now.


Sorry about that. Short answer is that it requires programming the blog to recognize subscriptions, and we haven't yet done that programming. The blog, like the forums, is software we didn't write. But the forums have a way of recognizing subscriptions.

No big! I just didn't know if it was a me-specific problem. Carry on being awesome! The new dashboard looks GREAT!

I just added a trip to my dashboard - looks great!

Dashboard is awesome. One option would be to select TPs to add to each day (I have lots of "draft" plans that I want to exclude)


@mjw - interesting idea. Let me see if the devs can do that.

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Three cheers to TP! I have everything printed and cut out into a notebook! This puts all of my information into one place. Awesome job! Maybe a place on each day for notes... I like to write down things that are not necessarily on a TP. (Characterpalooza, BBB appointment, snack picks for F&W,etc)

Thanks @snuggly_duck! Notes are coming in the next release.

I second @mjw's idea - I was thinking the same thing when I saw all the "draft" plans next to each day. smile

Also, how about being able to combine WDW and UOR into a single dashboard, for those of us who like to leave the bubble for a day or two and visit the "other park". [gasp]

Leave the world? say it ain't so!

Oh yeah, and ADRs - but I assume that they are coming in on of the 11 upcoming releases smiley

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Hey, gotta get in some real thrill rides somehow. 7DMT? Puhlease - elaborately themed kiddie coaster...

OK, I have played around with this enough and should get back to work. It is a great starting point and I can see it becoming yet another great TP tool. After comparing it to my own planning spreadsheets, in addition to what has been discussed above I think that the following features would be good enhancements to it:
Flight information (dates, times, confirmation numbers, etc)
Car rental info (rental details, confirmation number)
Countdown reminders (ADR day, FPP day, final payment day, etc.)
WDW package/room reservation info
Ticket details (if purchased separately)
Cost tracking

That being said, I'm sure that the caffeine-fueled team at TP are probably already working on all of this! smiley


Yup, multiple property trips are in the works - probably a release or two down the road. smile

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