TPs for various parks

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with trying to plan the TPs for our trip. We are at 76 days to go and staying on-site so not too long until I can do FPP selections.
Staying at WL 6/22 to 6/29.
First trip so we want to take in as much as we can reasonably.
My DD age 12 will ride everything
DS age 7 (48 inches tall) is not a thrill seeker. I am talking up SM and 7d. I think he will do fine but will need to do rider swab with my SIL for him on any big thrill rides, incl. Dino, SM, and TT etc.
I tentatively planned our schedule AK on 6/23, EP on 6/24, HS on 6/25 and MK on 6/26, will go to US (HP world on 6/27) and back to MK on 6/28 which is also my DD’s birthday. We don’t have any dining reservations for AK but do have Akershus for EP lunch, MM fantasmic for HS and Sci-Fi dinner there, and BOG dinner at MK on 6/26 and CP dinner on 6/28 (my daughter’s choice since she’s a Pooh Fan).
Do you recommend I use the prepared one-day TPs for each park or do Personalized Plans since doing rider swap and how does that work with FPP?
We do have Park hopper tickets so could hop and that would be fine. will probably need afternoon break due to heat etc. Will plan to be at Rope Drop but I think I didn’t do any of the parks that have EMHs .
Anyway I appreciate your recommendations. Thanks!

We also wouldn’t be opposed to adding another day to our tickets to make them 6 day tickets and doing a park on 6/29. We do have Chef Mickey’s late brunch planned at 11:25 on 6/29 the day of checkout.

On 6/22 arrival day I was going to do DD shopping and Lego store, disney store. Reservation for Raglan Rd but my DD wants to eat at Rainforest Cafe. I’m thinking we’ll stick to Raglan Rd. No park on arrival day

I often use the personalized plans.

but note that you might not get rider swap just because he’s scared or uncomfortable. if he’s tall enough, they might refuse. It’s really just for kids that don’t make the height requirement.

also, Space Mountain can be pretty intense if he’s not a thrill seeker. It’s dark and feels faster than it is.

As a first-timer, I would start with one of the standard plans, delete things that you KNOW you don’t want to do, add in your ADRs and mid-day break, optimize for your specific day, and see what it gives you. If everything “fits”, then you have your “personalized” plan. If you have more attractions than time, cut another attraction and reoptimize. Continue until everything on your plan “fits” into your touring day. These can always be adjusted as the time gets closer, but it gives you a good starting point and a realistic expectation about how much you will be able to do in a day.

Rider swap is mostly for the “thrill” rides and should not really add much time to touring; you’re really only adding an extra ride cycle, which is typically 5 min or less.

If your DS is the kind of kid who just needs to know what he’s in for, you might try looking at some of the rides on YouTube. There is a ton there. If he’s the type who will freak out with that extra info, avoid it though since it might only help him build up the fear.

bswan’s strategy of using the preprinted plans since you are new to WDW is a good one, although I might avoid the plans that try to pack a ton into each day. I actually like making the personalized plans because I know what my family will and will not want to do, so I just choose the attractions we will do, add in meals and breaks, optimize, and voila.

Thanks @DarthDopey and @bswan26 and @evamarie320! Very helpful. I will play with as ome of the plans. I didn’t realize you could alter the ready made plans so that is great info. My DS would not enjoy space mtn one bit. I think he would do fine on BTMR and Splash and 7d where he can sit beside me. Watching YouTube videos would probably help.

Yep, IMHO personalized TPs are the #1 benefit of a TP subscription (with the community a very close second :slight_smile: ). It’s an art, and definitely takes a lot of time… but having a good plan when you walk into the park is priceless!

Once you make one, you can publish it for view (click ‘Edit’ at the top, click Publish), and then post the link here. Liners love helping others avoid the standard pitfalls (e.g. no breaks).

Good luck!

Thanks @Imagineer. very helpful. I need to take the time to work on those TPs and get opinions before my Fast pass day!