TP's for comment/opinion

I spent a couple of weeks working on these. Finally got FP’s Friday. No comment neccessary but curious if you see any thing not right.

Some background…Only 2 adults in our 60’s. We are park open to close Disney people. Staying at the Beach Club 19-25 September 2018 with @gabmom. Our primary purpose is the Food & Wine Festival. Only rides we are really interested in are Pandora and Toyland and our first time to MMSHP. All our TS reservations are at Lunch and are 1st time visits…except Liberty Tree and Ragland Road.

We are going to every EMH rope drop…or so we plan.

Our first two days are at EPCOT. Doing primarily World Showcase on Day 1 and Future World day 2. But flip some rides because of the crazy Tier system.
Day 1
Day 2

I think touring plans assumes we are at the front of the line. A 13 minute wait for Soaring and/or FEA seems very optimistic.

Day 3 Magic Kingdom and Micky Holloween Party

Day 4 is our rest day, pool time and Disney Springs. Ragland Road is a must do.

Day 5 we split AM to Hollywood Studios and PM to Animal Kingdom. Will Uber/Lyft to AK.

Day 6 Animal Kingdom I got ressie at Tiffins with ROL package.

FOP is last thing of the day. I’m a bit clusaphobic but really want to do this.

We leave next day 7:30 PM.


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Looks like a fun trip! I noticed that you’re doing The Seas both Ep days, was that accurate? (I get it, we love Living with the Land and usually do it both days!)

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Good catch. Probaly shouldn’t be on Day 1. Living with the Land is awesome, too. Thanks.

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I remember what happened now. Trying to use up our 3 FP’s so I can get a FP for Illumibations. TP said I didn’t need a FP. I didn’t check the “FORCE” FP button to what it would do.

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That makes sense!

The only issue I see is in the Epcot plan where you go to Turtle Talk first. I would just go to Soarin first and do Turtle Talk when you do The Seas.
In 2016 and 2018 we went to Turtle Talk right after Nemo (about 15-20 minutes after opening) and both times we had to wait about 15 minutes for the show!!

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I loved FOP. You sit on a chair like structure (avatar) and are secured to it. Your have goggles (VR) on. The avatar will lean forward and you will have air blowing to feel like you are flying. If apprehensive, tell yourself you are secured in a big chair.

Make sure to ride the lazy river at Stormalong Bay.


Thanks, I agree with that! I’ll flip flop and evaluate.

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Liberty Tree and Colombia Harbor House within 3 hours? I’d be stuffed silly.
No Space Mountain?
Haunted Mansion seems in the wrong place.
Jungle Cruise at 5 min wait at 9:23 seems way too low to me. I would try to get this closer to 9:00 if you can. Just swap it with Tiki Room.
You’re also doing POTC back to back. I don’t like it enough to ride back to back, but to each their own.

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Looks Great. DH and I also in our sixties and going near the same dates and primarily for F&W. Also doing MNSSHP (we have done both once before and now it’s my fave time to go to WDW) Hope you have a great time

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Hey thanks for comments.

I tried to move Columbia House closer to 9:30 - 10PM but then it messed up with some other must do things…I think by that time I’ll be running Lines to get us around anyhow as long as we get a snack/drink before we leave the park…

DW doesn’t care for Space Mtn…:frowning:

There a quite a few rides that seem to have lower wait times than expected. CL has been floating between 1-3 for the last few updates. Its at MK 2 today.

Yes, Haunter Mansion suppose to be later for a Scary time…same as one of the POTC’s…going to have to move something from 6-12 window to an earlier time…

Appreciate the look!


Thank you! This is our first MNSSHP and our 3rd F&W. The changes in the tier system really threw us a curve on FP day…hopefully we can get a day of FP for a headliner later in the afternoon!

Have a great time yourself!

For those particular dates, not necessarily. We’ve been in September and October, and many of the rides were walk-on or close to it. Jungle Cruise for us was almost a walk-on our last trip (early October).

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Thanks - just looking at your last AK day - if you are doing the Tiffins ROL, you don’t need a FP for ROL - maybe you just put that there in your plans?

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Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz?? ?? :rofl: There’s no place like Avatar it’s only a chair…There’s no place like Avatar, its only a chair…

I think I had too much coffee…

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Yes they did…lots of people/things think for me…hahahaha

Thank you! That is great to know!

Those are some busy days!! By day 3, I’d be one of the Cadaver Dans….:sunglasses:


We’ve been Disney walking 45 minutes ever other day. WE need some of that Texas heat to acclimate us to Florida. This mid-Atlantic rain doesn’t work for us…:laughing:

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On your first EP day, you have only allowed 45 mins for Teppan Edo, and you’re arriving 10 mins early, so I think your schedule will be off for the rest of the afternoon

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