TPs for 8am MK open - are these wait times right?

I am working on reworking my plans with the park time changes and I am feeling like some of these wait times are maybe optimistic? I would have expected them to be worse in the 9am hour.

Also - before I even get there I know these plans are kind of insane. I am hoping to get everyone a good nights sleep the night before as this is our only MK day and I am trying to do parade and fireworks in one day (yes insane) - and if I had it to do over again I’d have a later CRT ADR or an earlier BOG ADR so I could do a longer break - and ultimately I may sacrifice one of those (but I’ve never been to either) - I’ve got res finder set up to help me if something opens up. I also have some skippable items if the kids just aren’t having it.

For the FPs in these plans - I have the 7DMT one, would have to change the other ones I have to the ones in these plans but they look to be available. Both plans only have a 2 hour break - which is not enough - I like to do 3 hours but it is what it is.

I’ve got two plans I am considering:

Let me know what you think of the morning wait times and if any opinions on where to put the break or other aspects of the plan. Appreciate the feedback!

I would try moving Peter pan, under the sea, barnstormer and other fantasyland rides to first thing in the morning. And then use your fast passes instead for big thunder mountain and splash mountain after fantasyland. And see how that changes your wait times. You could make another plan and compare them.

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I think it would be better to break after lunch since the parade doesn’t even get to main Street til 3:20ish and it is a mass email to time with a lot of people leaving. So unless you move dinner back I wouldn’t expect to even get a 2 hour break.

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you haven’t mentioned how old your your kids are.

I would suggest rope dropping peter pan, keeping the fast pass for 7DMT, moving all of the fantasyland rides to the morning like @Christyb37 suggested, then move onto BTMRR and Splash.

have you tried copying both plans and letting TP optimize them for you?

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DS is 6 and DD is 3 (but 40+" tall). Believe it or not this is essentially what optimize did - I shifted a couple things that weren’t priorities for us - I try to put early in the day the things everyone most wants to do (or didn’t get to do last trip like Splash Mountain) - rollercoasters and princesses. And also so that if we have a meltdown and have to skip stuff or cut things short later in the day it isn’t as disappointing.

I actually thought the wait times in the plans looked pretty good - I was worried they were too good to be true? Anyone have opinions on that?

I am having trouble biting the bullet and changing my existing fast passes to match this plan - leaning toward the pre-parade break one as I think @love2plan is right that a post-parade break won’t work out as well as it looks on paper.

I am going to fiddle with it though and try some of these ideas - thanks everyone!

Where are you staying? I just can’t fathom the hassle of a break for only 2 hours if that time includes leaving the park/transport to resort and then time for returning. If you are staying at CR, it could be doable. If not, maybe chill on TSI instead?

I have no intel about the predicted wait times as we’ve only ever done an 8 am EMH opening. Planning on a 8 am opening on Saturday though so hopefully TP is spot on.

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Pooh is usually such an easy rolling 4th that I’m questioning why anyone would purposefully RD it. I would RD either Peter Pan (since you have a 7DMT FP later) or RD 7DMT if you really want two rides on it. This being the week before Easter, I think the 17 minute wait for 7DMT is really optimistic.

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Agreed - this was what optimize did - thought it was weird - but didn’t tweak that plan as much as post parade break is unlikely.

I think the system isn’t savvy enough to tell you to look for a 4th fast pass, or assume you’ll be able to get one. As a repeat visitor, I follow my intuition a lot more these days. If you think the wait times are too low, you’re probably right.

If you have a stroller, don’t dismiss the possibility of a good stroller nap instead of trekking back to your hotel. Midday breaks do suck up a lot of time, and always take longer than I expect they will. You can often find a quiet place even on a busy day. I found a shady spot nearby Little Mermaid/Dumbo. Even a 20 min quiet time to reset can do wonders!! :wink: